Welcome to Vincent Global Connections' webpage. We are a premium business-building consultancy for small-to-medium sized businesses.  Our experts will tune your business with the systems, processes and procedures you need to enjoy much greater bottom line and much less time spent doing so.  

Your business will no longer run you.  You will run your business ... as a business.

Services that Matter


Small Business Consulting


Too many business owners function as operator/owner.  You started your small business with the expectation that you would have both time and equity, and eventually passive income from your business. 

You CAN achieve those ... but only by becoming an owner/operator, and eventually executive, of your business. Vincent Global will implement the self-running profitable systems to both ensure the margins and give you the time and profit to run your business the way you intended it to run.

Tax Consulting


Our team of tax consultants are tax attorneys specially trained at developing strategic tax plans aimed at two primary things:

  • Mitigating your tax burden
  • Protecting your personal assets from the performance of your business

Make sure you incorporate correctly.  Vincent Global can help you do exactly that.

International Expansion


At Vincent Global, we speak all languages of the Americas.  Our personnel are not only the most qualified of consultants in the arena of management consulting, but have the citizenship and residency requirements to enable our clients to expand from South to North America and from North to South America.


We will guide your effort to expand internationally, from simple consulting to complete company representation.