International Expansion

You've done well in expanding your business within the United States.  Congratulations!

You may think your product would do very well in certain countries within the Americas.

On our staff of consultants at Vincent Global who possess both the experience in guiding international expansions across the Americas, and the ability to do business in both the country of origin and the country to which you want to expand.  We speak the languages, and understand the culture.

If your business is in South or Central America, we can represent your product in its expansion efforts to the United States, or we can become your temporary U.S. "headquarters", guiding your expansion until you set up your own U.S. infrastructure.

If you are a U.S. or Canada-based business desiring to expand to Latin America, we can guide your efforts from short-term consulting to longer-term executive representation and negotiations.

Either way, the experience of Vincent Global will ensure the most profitable outcome of your international expansion.