Our background

The company was founded in December, 2002 by Bill Vincent, Executive Director.  A former executive with the Disney Corporation, ABC TV, ImpreMedia, and director with Knight Ridder, McClatchy, Harte Hanks and AT&T, Bill specialized in his career in helping subsidiaries and client businesses alike to grow throw re-engineering their production and sales line in preparation for unprecedented revenue increases and profits.

With outstanding personnel competent in Spanish, Portuguese as well as extensive and deep relationships in Canada, Vincent Global’s focus was small business media outlet turnarounds, and sales and marketing expansions for small-to-medium-sized businesses seeking expansion between the Americas.

In 2009, Vincent Global expanded to the sector in which he has the most passion: Small businesses.  Since 2009, we have carefully selected our clients, to ensure maximum positive results for our clients.

With the top business turnaround consultants in North America on our staff, Vincent Global can fulfill its mission to provide small businesses with the same tools that the larger businesses use to achieve their great growth and strategic business control.  Our consultants have unimpeded access to perform our work all across the Americas.